Monday, May 20, 2013

Robotech Kickstarter Ends Soon

Thought I would give Robotech a quick look as its kickstarter is just ending today, and the game looks promising. I have played several of Cypher Studios games lately, from Helldorado to Anima Tactics, so I know Robotech will be a good game. So check it out, and follow the links.

When the new site comes up, there will be dedicated pages to other game systems where you can find all the news and rumors in one easy click.

Kickstarter Page:
Gameplay Video:


  1. Cullen, I disagree with you. This is not your blog. If Natfka wants to run this, he can. If you don't like, don't look.

    As for liking... I'm doing that. It is an interesting set of designs, and I wonder if they could be altered for Tau armies...

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Wow that brings back memories...
    I think I still have all the original rpg books boxed up somewhere.
    Suddenly I feel old :-P

    I might have to pick some of these up though, if I can convince some of my "old" friends to join in.