Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Games Workshop Digital Releases

Death Worlds, Grey Knights Codex, and Civil War (for Fantasy) are the latest digital releases for Games Workshop. They are available now for ipad users and I have included the link below.

Of course if only I had an ipad, I would be on the Deathworlds book. I know plenty of other games that include a lot of environmental effects, and its nice to see these be expanded upon for Warhammer 40k.

Link to Order these on itunes.


  1. Agreed, Deathworld would be a buy....if I had an ipad.

  2. I think the deathworld thing is an epub reprint of an article from a white dwarf, april 2012 iirc.

    1. Yea, but is "says" the rules have been updated.

    2. Do you have the article available for reference? Just got the ebook, I can verify wether or not its the same stuff. I really like the 4 tables and 3 missions, totally different ways to play.

    3. Found the WD on scribd. It's pretty much exactly the same word for word, except the mission layouts. They essentially just changed the formatting of the missions to 6th edition. Civil War, the WFB supplement was also in the WD. Kinda bummed I paid $8 for a rehashed article. It's neat to have on my ipad, but I cold have gotten the WD for a $1 from a FLGS.

      Guess I learned something...

    4. Thank the God-Emperor they didn't release it as a book, or people would go balistic (I am lookign at you Death From the Skies)

      I don't mind this, but I hate that it's only on the Ipad (which I don't own) and only in specific areas (where I don't live)

  3. Funky environmental, terrain and objective rules are one of my favorite elements of 6th edition. It's got me house ruling and writing new missions more than I used to. Same here though on the iPad thing. Maybe I'll be able to pick this up after the holiday season hehe

  4. Yay, something else that I would really like (tyranid scenery article) that I would even be happy paying the money for but can't because my tablet is Android...

    One day everything will get ported, and it will be glorious.

  5. I'm glad they put up another non-6th ed codex, this marks the 3rd, and the first since last year. Makes me hope they will be rolling out the other digital codexes sooner rather than later.

    Once all the books are out digitally, I'd love it if they started visiting other armies for supplemens like the eldar one, it would give them the opportunity to put out 40k stuff in WFB months and visa versa.