Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dropzone Commander Video Overview

I have been getting in some games of Dropzone Commander, and had done a full demo game video. However, somehow it was corrupted or would not load properly, so I had to scratch it. This is the next best thing, with a bit of an overview on what the game is, how its organized, how your battlegroups move and shoot, etc.


  1. hmm does look like an intriguing game in a much smaller scale then what most seem to be use too.

  2. Welcome back Natfka!

    To me smaller scale models means larger scale battles. Since quitting Games Workshop I'm looking for something new.

    1. Ghost, you will love this game then. Definitely take a good look at it.

      The best video I have for it is here

      its a full interview and look at the game with its creator.