Saturday, May 18, 2013

Deciphering the Release Schedule

While not a lot has not changed, I thought I would re-hit what the current thought is on the release order for 40k and GW. This way we have something to work off of as new rumors etc come to light. After all we don't like to look at these things in a empty vacuum.

Please remember that these are rumors

Release Orders
When it comes to releases for 40k, we really are always referring back to Hastings release order.

via 75hastings69
Tau, Eldar, Orks, Space Marines, Tyranids, and then Imperial Guard...... However, Move the Orks.

via a Good Source on Faeit 212
1. Tau
2. Eldar
3. Space Marines
4. Nids/Ork tossup.
5. IG
6. The Nids or Orks that get pushed back.

via Stickmonkey on Faeit 212
May: High Elves
June: Eldar
July: Apocalypse
August: Lizardmen
September: Blood Bowl
October: Space Marines
November: Dwarves?
December: Hobbit
January: Tyranids
I had Dwarves a lot sooner than others, so its probably safe to leave a question mark.  It could possibly be brettonians or wood elves.   Im basing my prediction of Dwarves on where I recall them being design wise, which was right after lizardmen.

I've had multiple confirmations of space marines being the last 40k codex of 2013 and Tyranids being the first codex of 2014.

October is a Black Box release, blood bowl and Warhammer quest have come up, could be something surprisingly different...

Interesting enough, that places Space Marines, which is sure to be a big release, right after the summer months, and places Eldar much earlier than was previously thought.

The Far Far Off Future
With our timelines going through possibly mid 2014, we are left with a lot of wondering whether or not anything beyond that was laid out. In the last half of the week this rumor bit hit, and while some of it seems a little far fetched or far away, its exciting to consider.

From anonymous sources at Faeit 212
*Wolves early / middle 2014, Inquisition fall / end 2014, Blood Angels fall / end 2015.
*Not many releases for Wolves, just specific flyer variants.
*Finecast big predator wolf.
*Wulven units included.*They also get almost all Marine releases till then, apart of flyers.
*Inquisition all three ordos, two different armies (grey knights and sororitas). Inquisitors can replace IG HQs.
*Blood Angels on early re-design. 


  1. Several staff members at GW that I know personally have all but comfirmed bloodball being games day release and everyone should know eldar at next their "new flyer and monsterous walker have some taste rules" as told to me by my local store worker as he has read their codex already. dam him and his contacts!!!

  2. An inquisition codex in late 2014? Doubt it. Unless they break the GK codex in half and maybe add SoB in it. But still a cool idea nonetheless.

    1. I have some decent ideas for how an Inquisition dex combining Deathwatch, Sisters of Battle and Gray Knights.

      Would give them their own Special rule, that made it impossible to have them in an army with the others, unless you allied them. (of course this rule would add other stuff as well)
      This way you can share all the none specific units like warbands and inquisitors, but still not make it an Inquisitorial cluster f**k

  3. That cant bode well for the templars if the wolves are getting a mention in 2014 and they aren't even on the list

    1. Yah... the Templars, which I don't play, need some love. I waited a long time for the new DA dex and know how it feels... long overdue.

      You think that some marine zealots like the Templars would be easy to crank out in a design and schedule.

    2. Some people think they might be in the Space Marine dex... something I don't really like as the Templars have a lot of special fun stuff. And let's not forget the fact that they are giving the middle finer to the Codex Astartes.

  4. I do think that there's still a few armies that need attention before vanilla marines and guard. There's orks, and let's not even get started with SoB and Black Templars.

  5. I wonder when we will get the plastic models for:
    Greater Daemons (including characters)
    Chaos Furies
    Beasts of Nurgle / Slaanesh
    Helbrute (non-DV)
    Cultists (non-DV)

    1. I'm wondering if GW is still even doing the second wave releases anymore, sadly.

  6. Well done Natfka, I have been waiting sooooo long for your temporary site to be up. The Eldar release is probably going to be pushed back as far as pre-orders are concerned. And something to note: since Wraithknights are coming we will see a toughness reduction on the wraithlord (becoming 7) and the wraithnight becoming 8. Space marine players will love this as they can now kill wraithlords with boltguns!

  7. Oh great :/ thats just gonna make them a less viable option. Wonder if that will also mean they get a points reduction? Plus is there anymore on these delays?

  8. SO when are they going to go back and fix the DA codex? or do they just forever get to be the test codex for the other chapters. ;/

    1. I have no hope we get any type of fix. I love my Deathwing but Im done with DA. If I start a second army i will go back to Eldar.

    2. My hope is that once all codices have gotten their 6th update we will see more waves of models as well as updates based on codices that actually need it.

  9. There are pictures available for the codex cover and the huge eldar wraithknight. Because of the copyright issue I'll not link to them, but you can find them on 4chans /tg/

  10. Also hope that they dont have to release the FAQ on the same day of release like they had to woth the Tau...

  11. Great to have you Back!!

    Is there any word on this years price increase? i know it normally comes in the spring. Just trying to get an idea on what i need to buy before everything goes up in price.

  12. great to see you back from all of us in the the uk
    the overlords

  13. When are we going to hear some good news about the Black Templars?!!

    1. Think about it. The Iyanden supplement is a perfect template and way for them to do both Space Marines AND Black Templar. All I know is as a BT player, the sooner the better!

  14. As much as I'm happy to hear about Sisters, I can't help but be disappointed that they may end up being stuck in with the Inquisition.