Sunday, June 2, 2013

Faeit 212 Gets a New Site This Week

Faeit 212 is going to be moving away from this temporary site and off of Google and its going to be happening here very soon. The specific day is not yet ready to announce, as we need to make sure the basics are working before going live, it could be as early as tomorrow, but I expect a couple days out right now.

As it says in the video, once the site is up, new features are coming, and for once, a site is being created with our community in mind from the ground up, by professionals who know and love the hobby, who are the some of the best in the industry.

Faeit 212 is coming.

I will you up to date.


  1. Good news of the new site incoming....
    Any chance you can put a link to the new site up on here once it's up and running.

  2. Careful that Natfka guy doesn't try to silence you for this rumor...

  3. Maybe you could open with the July WD cover featuring the Lord of Battle plastic kit

  4. Stoked! Always lots of good info.

  5. Natfka, I hope you get your site up and running NAOUW, because things are happening fast. As in July WD cover just leaked, it has "Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse" text plus an image of 40K-scale Khorne Lord of Battle. /tg/ has it at least, probably will filter down to other rumour sites too.

    1. Whoops, already on Warseer forums and errywhere else too.

  6. Drupal is Awesome, ive been working with for about 2 years and I like it for the most of the times....:) Nice to see Natfka that the new site is coming along.

  7. Looking forward to it. It's been a long enough wait.
    Perfect timing, too, considering the apocalypse leak.


    Necron Megaliths?