Monday, May 20, 2013

Eldar Trailer is Live

Here is the latest from Games Workshop. The Eldar Trailer.


  1. We missed you man! Let's get this eldar release over so we can start talking about apocalypse and Nids!

  2. The trailer could have been worse...

  3. The trailer was improved over the last bunch of GW ones, long way to go though.

  4. Via

    After having a chat with the distribution rep from Games Workshop, who had the book in front of him and told me what he could...

    -The release schedule includes the following items:

    Codex Eldar
    Codex Eldar Supplement: Iyanden
    Eldar Wraithknight plastic box (This thing is huge, and retails at $115)
    Eldar Wraithguard plastic box
    Eldar Dire Avengers 5-man plastic box
    Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter plastic box
    Eldar Windrider Jetbike Squadron plastic box
    Eldar Spiritseer Finecast clam
    Eldar Farseer plastic clam

    There is also an upgrade pack in Finecast to make an Autarch on a jetbike.

    As far as the actual Codex goes:

    -You can make Run moves in addition to shooting Shuriken weapons.

    -Shuriken weapons have a rule which makes them ignore armor on a to-wound roll of a 6-- similar to rending, but it's not actually the Rending rule.

    -The Wraithknight starts at about 250 points and caps around 350, and towers over even the Tau Riptide. It's 9'' tall. The Wraithknight has the ability for its weapons to become twin-linked if it hits with a scatter laser it comes equipped with, even against airborne targets. It can shoot S9 and 10 small blasts, and has a total of four weapons on it-- you have a choice of several, including a huge wraithblade and a lance weapon.

    - Wraithguard are cheaper both points-wise and financially speaking, and are now S5 and T6, and have the option to be equipped with Wraithblades as per the current Codex's in place of their guns, making them a dangerous close combat unit.

    - Including a Spiritseer as a HQ choice allows you to bring Wraithguard as Troops.

    - Expect Guardians to supplant Dire Avengers as the staple Troops choice-- they're very points efficient and with the buff to shuriken weapons, they should expect to be in a lot of competitive armies.

    -The Fire Prism has been nerfed a bit-- basically, they want to drive people back towards Aspect Warrior and Wraith-heavy armies, rather than the mechanized Eldar army literally everyone and their brother played with the exact same list. Can't really say to what extent, but the purchasing advice was to "Not load up on them."

    -The Avatar is "Definitely better."

    -The Iyanden supplement is not a splash release, and will be normally available. Iyanden is strictly a fluff book, and contains no game rules. The rules to play a themed Iyanden army are found completely in Codex: Eldar. This is a move to appease people who want more fluff in books as well as people who would rather just have more game content with the fluff optional. This is an experiment in seeing how this works-- if it does well, expect Games Workshop to continue with the release of "chapter-specific" fluff supplements for their Codex releases.

    1. Hey, thanks for plugging Heresy! We appreciate the page views!

    2. Don't get that rending but not rending. If it's wounds on a 6 make it rending. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Necrons glance, Dark Eldar are poisoned, Tau get markerlights, Eldar can have rending weapons.

      Daemons.. err, daemons get random.

    3. I'm just sighting my source, but I also love spreading the love. Nothing wrong with people taking a look at a forum that's not Warseer or Dakka Dakka.

      I personally prefer the "shred" rumor for shuriken weapons. It fits in next to poison splinter weapons.

      And slaaneshie demons have rending, but only on melee. I see the Demon "thing" as 5+ invulnerable saves. However, the randome demon gifts is down right stupid IMO.

    4. Iyanden army viable?

      ALL OF MY YES! X3

    5. Jetbikes!! Does anybody know if they come with new design o not??

    6. Everybody says that the Wraithknight towers over the riptide, but how big is the riptide exactly?

  5. Nothing mentioned about shuriken weapon ranges

    1. I dont have the link, but bols had a rumour about the two 'directions' shurikens might take. All ranges in both rumours were buffed by 6". Hope this helps


  6. That "RISE" made me immediately think of this:


    Looking good so far!

  7. 115$, thats more than you pay for a battleforce. I don't have to buy it because I don't play Eldar, but still, thats much.
    Maybe thats even the "plastic titan" someone said would be in an apoc release?

    PS: How does GW expect players to transport all these models? Not long and you need an army case each for some force org choices.

    1. True enough. I use my own custom cases, but as I currently take 4 Eldar Tanks + Warwalkers in a 1500pt list, I'm already walking around with 3 GW equivalent cases in a tournament setting.

    2. Keep the models in pieces, magnetize them or assemble on site. Magnetized models fit a lot better in carrying cases compared to on foam, as they take A LOT less space. ;)
      Though air-traveling and pacemaker-using hobbyists are out of luck. ^^"

      I would assume GW to spring at the opportunity to start selling tiny magnets with the GW logo on them at 0,50$ a pop. XD

  8. Hey Natfka!
    You made it back on time to see the eldar unveil!

    Welcome back! I missed your blog.


  9. Go check out:

    Half way down the page.

    Or see my post about this:

    Pretty epic if true.