Saturday, June 1, 2013

A First Look at the New Eldar Wraithknight

Here is a first look at the contents of the new Wraithknight kit. I do like the look of the new boxes, but was a little caught off guard that they were not shrink wrapped on the Wraithknight. Its worth noting that the other Eldar releases were wrapped.

This will be the first model I put together, and I plan on getting that done today, so look forward to seeing some more on the model, besides just the sprues.

This thing is expensive, not only in points, but on your wallet as well. Is it worth it? Games Workshop has really put us to the test with this one.

My adivce for anyone is to check the codex out first before getting one of these.


  1. Much depends on what you want 'in game'. As a distraction it's superb. As a gun platform... not so much.

    Personally seeing the toughness of the Wraithlord and that it can carry two heavy weapons as well, costs half as many points and has the same BS.. the Wraithlord gets my vote.

    I can't imagine anything more upsetting for an opponent than seeing me instant death wraithknight after wraithknight with balesword toting Daemon princes.

  2. I think GW intended both the Wraithknight and the Riptide to be luxuries among luxuries. They're costly, both monetarily and points-wise, but they're not must-bring units. Competition-minded players should be happy about this since it means they don't have to buy such high priced models to stay competitive.

    The giveaway is that the Wraithknight's selling point is its size. It's meant to be a fun and characterful unit for those players who care less about who wins and more about the modeling and/or participatory storytelling. If the Wraithknight's backstory about being piloted by an Eldar warrior and his spirit stone-encased twin makes you giddy, then the model is for you. If you're more interested in the statistics showing that the much cheaper Wraithlords are more competitive, then your $115 would be better spent elsewhere.

    Our gaming group leans more towards the storytelling. This Space Marine player would gladly spend $115 to have some sort of Adeptus Mechanicus mini-Titan.

    1. Yes, to the titan. Love the idea of an Imperial Knight leading a charge. I was playing Apetus Titanicus years ago and the Knights really are quite lovely.

      However, for Imperial Guard I'd really like a mini force org per platoon. Platoons are ok, but not wonderful so having an attached Leman Russ and sentinel squadron (paid for properly) as part of the platoon would be lovely, sort of mechanised units.

      Then Veterans being able to take valkyrie - not vendetta - as a transport for an 'airborne' option. Add say 30 points + unit cost?

      On the story telling yes, entirely right. However I'm not sure how to turn off the analysis part of my gaming head and simply have a story. But then I'm grumpy because i don't have same size plastic greater daemons.

  3. Hey guys, gw employee here. (retail, not HQ). the reason corporate has given us is that the shrink wrap is to prevent the box popping open during shipping. the strong cardboard tab keeps it closed without shrink wrap.

    this is the new format for large boxes above a certain size. my store's solution is to open and check every box to look for mispacks and miscasts as we sell them. this way we know that every box is "New" unless parts have been clipped off it.

    I would recommend something similar to my fellow hobbyists. double check the sprues so you can get a replacement right away. if it's in saleable condition

    1. That's what I figured when the video showed that it's a one piece box with flaps (similar to the smaller kits). Most manufacturers don't shrink wrap such boxes, although companies like Lego usually seal the flap with a plastic sticker to prevent it from being opened.

  4. I love the Wraithknight box. It is actually reusable to keep hobby junk in unlike the normal ones.

  5. I'm loving the model as well, will I be getting one? No.

    Well for those of us who want one, there's always discount sites. 20% off is quite a chunk off of the original price, not great but at least it doesn't burn a giant hole through our wallets...

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