Monday, June 3, 2013

Faeit 212 Restored

The old site is restored. Here is the link as its time to get busy now!

Codex Supplements

Codex Supplement Iyanden is due to be released, June 15th, and is the first of a series of supplements that will be coming out. Many of us gamers and hobbyist have wanted much more specific army information, and this is the way Games Workshop is going to handle it.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Apocalypse Picture Leaks

July is confirmed for a new Apocalypse release by a leak of an image from the July White Dwarf. Of course we had rumors saying it was so, but no it is finally confirmed, and right around the corner. Its an odd leak, since we are not even out of our Eldar Release weekend, but this is big news to have it confirmed this early.

Faeit 212 Gets a New Site This Week

Faeit 212 is going to be moving away from this temporary site and off of Google and its going to be happening here very soon. The specific day is not yet ready to announce, as we need to make sure the basics are working before going live, it could be as early as tomorrow, but I expect a couple days out right now.

As it says in the video, once the site is up, new features are coming, and for once, a site is being created with our community in mind from the ground up, by professionals who know and love the hobby, who are the some of the best in the industry.

Faeit 212 is coming.

I will you up to date.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Eldar Wraithknight, Is it Worth It?

A quick review of the Eldar Wraithknight model from both a modelling perspective and game perspective. Is it worth it?

A First Look at the Eldar Wraithfighter/ Crimson Hunter

This is one kit that I am am going to say that I love right off the bat. Its sleek, its a flyer, and it is meant to take other flyers out of the sky with its skyhunter rule. Basically its 4 shots that can either be BS4 or BS5 for 160pts or 180pts respectively with 4 S8 AP2 shots. With skyhunter you can re-roll armour penetration rolls against other vehicles with the flyer type. Just thing that I have needed.

A First Look at the New Eldar Wraithknight

Here is a first look at the contents of the new Wraithknight kit. I do like the look of the new boxes, but was a little caught off guard that they were not shrink wrapped on the Wraithknight. Its worth noting that the other Eldar releases were wrapped.